Saturday, August 7

I don't want another lover
So don't keep holding out your hands
There's no room beside me
I'm not looking for romance
Say I'll be here I'll be here
But there's no way you'd understand

All I want
[When I don't even know myself]

I don't want another partner
So don't try and break the spell
I can't even understand me
So don't think that you can help
When I say things and see things
That's no way on earth to tell

What I want
[Cos I don't even know myself]

No-one wants to be lonely
But what am I to do?
I'm just trying to be honest
I don't want to hurt you too
When I'll be there I'll be there
I know I sound confused

But all I want
[Is to one day come to know myself]

-Sarah Blasko (All I Want)