Sunday, September 19

And i do not know
Where does it go
When it goes
Suddenly though
Everything's slow
And i miss you so

You don't know but that's okay
You might find me anyway
Don't you know that i
Belong arm in arm with you, baby

-Regina Spektor (Raindrops)

I can't believe I've let you in
And now here I am
Telling you that I'm suffocating in here

I am nothing if I'm not with you
I'm always right always wrong
Dressing bad is like loving you
There is nothing I haven't worn
Nothing I haven't said before
You are nothing I haven't felt before

-Tegan & Sara (Not With You)

I don't know if I'll survive,

In this magical land behind your eyes.

And there's all these funny little men,

There all asking me to dance and sing.

- Angus & Julia Stone (Wasted)