Wednesday, October 20

There are these odd moments that come by infrequently. Fleeting, they only manifest for thirty seconds or so, then bid farewell as quickly as they come. Everything seems right. My mind and body seem to be in sync, congruent with one another. I can hear myself breathing, I can feel my pulse pumping blood to my veins, and I can somehow relate these genuinely abstract ideas to the ones in my heart; of the people and places that have nurtured my continuance. Suddenly there is no rhythm to any of it. I am no longer an entity comprised by nature and fostered by the reality of my circumstance. My body and mind don't need each other. The frequency of my consciousness is elated, hovering above the body it originated in. However in my perception, the memories of my own physicality remain distinct. No one matters, nothing that my eyes have seen is real in those moments. Anyone that has had anything to do with me, is light years away, hazy yet distuingishable. Their features and characteristics vivid, but there relationship to me or anything for that matter, uncertain, even surreal. Sometimes it feels liberating, as if I am part of nothing or no-one, free to live nomadically, completely alone..but ultimately limitless, tied to nothing. Gifted with the ability to re-construct myself from scratch, erasing the bits that were faulty and broken. Other times it feels horrific, as if there is no home, and there never was and there never will be.
- no frills