Tuesday, April 12

His face was a mixture of both concern and puzzlement. She looked him in the eye for a few seconds, trying to discern what it was exactly that existed between them; what their connection was. She knew she loved him. She knew he made her happy. She felt genuinely light-hearted and carefree in his presence; there was no element of pretence or uneasiness. But there was still something missing. Something fundamental they couldn’t seem to grasp hold of. She knew it wasn’t something that could be learned; it had to be there from the start. It had to just exist, and it simply didn’t between them. More than that though, something in his eyes at that moment made her aware of how little he actually knew about her. Her very soul was hidden from him, and he didn’t have the ability, or the desire, to even attempt to uncover it.  She closed the door before he could say anything else. It was all drivel anyway; nonsense that he wouldn’t even have thought about verbalizing, had he any sense. It didn’t matter. None of it mattered anymore, why couldn't he see that?