Wednesday, April 6

I can’t begin to explain the feeling when you know you’ve met someone special. Not your ‘soulmate’, not in the marketed sense of the word anyway. Just someone whose ideals and beliefs and goals match or complement your own so well that it seems almost surreal. This has happened rarely in my lifetime, so rarely in fact, that when it sprung on me unexpectedly this evening, I was rather surprised, and it took me some time to pinpoint exactly what I was feeling. Which is, I can now say, a complex mixture of hope, relief and exhilaration. Not exclusively at the astounding fact that I had finally come across this special variety of person; that being, one with a character that is particularly fulfilling and satisfying to my own- but at the fact that a discovery such as this was made at just the right moment. My growing discontentment with life can finally be eased, at least partially. Just when I was surrendering myself to a life of desolation and spite, never to experience human companionship in its truest and most indulgent form, finally - proof that these entities that I so seek do actually exist, and that, though it may well be a disparaging journey, it is possible to find people with personality and feelings akin to my own.