Friday, April 29

Under the spell of the things we own and the things we want, we are able to disappear in new ways, to lose ourselves in our collections, to withdraw into our possessions. We come to look outward from ourselves in new ways, to compare ourselves to others through a standard measure that we ardently hope will convey a new sense of reality to the world, grounded in what we may call the imperatives of behaviour, being is reduced to having.-Jeremy Seabrook

‘The thought of this debased love is a maddening thought; but still more comforting than the truth. For some spirits, to be loved knowing you cannot return that love, is the most radical of psychic tortures’ –King Lear

Pain grows and the world shrinks. Loneliness isolates in a different way: rather than destroying the world, it establishes a barrier between the self and the world, leaving the world intact as a torment to the isolated person. Loneliness grows and the world recedes, eventually disappearing over the horizon.- Jeremy Seabrook