Thursday, December 9

He had left. Gone. Just like that, he had disappeared into the night, and had taken with him the last remnants of whatever it was that held them together. In that moment, she forgot all their plans and dreams and memories. Everything about him that ever made her smile flew from her mind, and was replaced with a doubt so strong and so resolute that she was left with no other option than to let him go, right then and there. She knew he would mock her- tell her she was foolish for being so irrational, for making such harsh judgements in the heat of the moment. But she wasn't being irrational. She had always known it would come down to this. She was forced to admit that she had known, from the very start, that they would end up here. It was inevitable. He wasn't right for her. He never had been, and he never would be. And vice-versa. He would try and convince her otherwise. He would bring back the smiles and the laughter and the warmth as fast as he had stolen them away. But she would stay strong. She had to. For she knew, somewhere deep inside her, that it just wasn't meant to be. She knew she was right. Nothing had ever felt so right.